Friday, 16 September 2011

Alvin Patrimonio vs. Ramon Fernandez: Which Legendary PBA MVP was Greater?

These two PBA Legends, both 4-time MVP awardees and champions in their respective ball clubs, took the PBA into greater heights.

We experienced the most explosive actions in the hard court whenever they played. The question is, who was the better?

Let us dissect each of the category where we can decide who was the greatest 4-time PBA MVP.

What's the Greatest Part of Patrimonio's Game?

I think the greatest part of Patrimonio’s game is his physical dominance inside the paint. Despite of being 6’ 3” in height, to small for his power forward position, he muscled his way among the giants and imports whom he encountered every game. He even had a career high in field goal percentage of .622 in the year 1990. Once in the paint, the best opportunity to prevent him from scoring is to foul him.

What's the Greatest Part of Fernandez's Game?

For me, the greatest part of Don Ramon’s game is his flexibility and finesse. He is one of the players I’ve known who can play multiple positions. He is very known of his dribbling skills, uncanny passing ability which is very rare to a 6’ 5’’ player who in his time is considered as for Center position. He even averaged in nearly triple double in his career.

Who would win in a One-on-One Matchup of Patrimonio vs. Fernandez in their primes?

I think if both of them face-to-face in their early twenty’s, Don Ramon will prevail against the Captain. Statistically wise, Don Ramon’s average of 27 PPG, 15 RPG and 9.9 APG will dominate Alvin every game. However, Alvin will use his thick frame in order to muscle out Ramon’s thin body, but Ramon can play defense too.

Who Is a Better Building Block to Start a Franchise?

Honestly, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with either Patrimonio or Fernandez as a franchise building block.

Offensively, Patrimonio is one of the best scoring power forward in the game. He even mastered the 3 point shot in the later part of his career. On the other hand, if we will use the word versatility, Fernandez is a perfect player to start with a franchise. Capable of playing in every position, and the experience of playing with other team is one of the strong point being as the franchise player himself.

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