Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Art of Giving: The tale of the sisters (Petron, Ginebra and BMEG)

The battle cry of BGK fans: “TO SMC: Please improve our line-up!”

Of all the three sisters, only BGK is left without improvement in the last off-season. With a lone first round pick in the recent draft (Reil Cervantes) and dropping James Martinez to Powerade Tigers’ D-League Team, there are no significant changes in their roster despite of the departure of their resident “do-it-all” forward Rudy Hatfield, the retirement of their court-general JayJay Helterbrand after the Philippine Cup and the endless injuries of Major Pain Eric Menk.

On the other hand, Petron Blaze Boosters, after winning the Governor’s Cup last season and slamming the grand slam run of the Talk N Text with their “fashionista” and “tele-serye wanna-be” coach Chot Reyes and the cry baby Jason “We lost against Petron because I’m injured” Castro, is handed with a third-overall pick from the 2011 PBA Draft in the person of Chris Lutz, and embraced the return of the “Cebuano Hotshot” Dondon Hontiveros alongside with Carlos Sharma.

On the BMEG camp, with majority of their players is nursing with injuries during the last season, here comes to the rescue: Joe Devance, the scoring leader of Alaska Aces, who requested to be traded to another team, in exchange of KG Canaleta and Jondan Salvador in a 3 team trade with the ever helpful Air21. Their major acquisition in the off-season, aside from getting the Smart Gilas guard Mac Barroca in the recent draft, they acquired the services of another Alaska Aces, Coach Tim Cone.

On Ginebra side, aside from picking Cervantes in the draft, they lost Johnny Abarrientos to BMEG in exchange of Art dela Cruz as one of their assistant coaches, Jong Uichico and Siot Tancquincen will handle the team this season as co-head coaches. Aside from that very minor changes compared to their sister teams; Robert Non is still idle with the status of the team regarding the team’s roster.

BGK’s line up, aside from being surrounded by guards, is a team that is aging. Only sophomores John Wilson and Jimbo Aquino are in their late 20’s. Their resident center, Eric Menk, is battling an injury that keeps on haunting him. Yancy de Ocampo, a 6’ 9” player who is a liable inside the paint and loves to take outside shots, Billy Mamaril, with his 6’6” frame is not given quality minutes by their coaches and Enrico Villanueva is still recuperating from his injury and he is the shadow of himself during his Red Bull days.

The only fighting player who can give muscle inside the paint is Willy Wilson. He is very undersized compared with Sonny Thoss, Asi Taulava, Noy Baclao, Japeth Aguilar and others. But still, he can’t do it all alone. The team needs a Center right now.

Game Face

In order to help their sister, Petron may give up Noy Baclao. Why Baclao? Noy Baclao’s minutes diminished from time to time and he is still lost in the system of Ato Agustin. While Carlos Sharma is enjoying his playing time in Petron, Baclao is relegated from the bench most of the time. If Rabeh and JWash will return, expect Baclao’s minutes to hit an all time low in Petron, especially in the Commissioner’s Cup where every team can select an import with no height requirement.

Aside from that, Petron holds two first rounder in the coming 2012 PBA Draft from Shopinas and Barako Bull, and with the entry of Junmar Fajardo, Aldrech Ramos and maybe Greg Slaughter, Baclao needs to find a new home and that is Ginebra.

On BMEG side, their “Sampayan Brigade” is very useful against the Blaze Boosters last week. With the likes of Rafi Reavis, Marc Pingris, Kerby Raymundo, Joe Devance, John Ferriols, the ceiling of BMEG is unstoppable. So maybe Rico Maierhofer can give Ginebra an added ceiling to their weak front line.

I hope this will solve the problem of Ginebra in terms of a legitimate Center.

The concept of "bigayan" is a good trait among Filipinos.


  1. This trade talk has a possibility but not this conference i think SMC would focus on first by dethroning TNT and the way to do it is that keep the line-up of both petron and bmeg... besides ang motto ngyn ng petron ay depensa kea malabo matrade si baclao pati injured pa si rabeh at jwash.. sa bmeg nmn ay kailangan nila ng chemistry para mgawa to ay no trades muna..

    BGK fans wait lang kau.. kpag pinalakas ng SMC ang team nyo hula ko kayo ang magiging team to beat...

  2. I believe in this trade BGK will not going to be a benefits team if the heart of two new comers player is not onto be The Never Say die mode. and most of it the attitude of all players if not change no easy win BGK will get. Team work lang!!!